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Helpful Websites - Pediatric Associates


Resources for Birth Defects and Chromosomal Problems:
Trustworthy Websites fro Developmental, Behavioral and/or Learning Problems:
  • – high quality child care books and videos for parents (from the American Academy of Pediatrics). Go to “Search” and scroll down to “For parents”. Highly recommended brochures are in the sections dedicated to “Healthy Development” and”Behavioral and Mental Health”.

  • – downloadable informational handouts available (from the American Academy of Pediatrics). For a general handout, go to “Screening”, and view “10 Guidelines for Living with Children”.

  • – Numerous high quality, downloadable informational handouts without cost (from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry). Go to “For Families”.

  • – Searchable database on a wide range of health and developmental-behavorial topics (from the Nemours Foundations, Kids Health).

  • – Speech-language and hearing problems (from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association).

  • – Learning disabilities and attention problems.

  • – Autism spectrum disorders.

  • – Motor disorders (from United Cerebral Palsy). Go to “Parenting and Families”.